Inventory management

We are now working on a new feature, Inventory Management.

If you do not want to use the new inventory, you can still create a new item every time “the old way”.

This will be the new Inventory page: inventory page

We have added a field for the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) identifier and more.

inventory Edit

If the Disabled checkbox is checked, the item will not be found in the ‘Add Materials’ section in a Repair.

Inventory items can be created or added to a repair from the searchable dropdown. add material

  • When an item is added to a repair, it’s stock goes down by one.
  • When the item is removed from a repair, the stock goes back up by one.
  • The Price field can be overridden. Example:
    • If you select “Brake Pads $2.45” the Price field will have 2.45 - but you can change it in case you need to add a discount.

Every item has it’s own page where the history is visible.

inventory history

It shows in which repairs an item was used, and which employee added it, and when.

It also shows you how many items you have sold, the total and the average selling price.