Development update

These are the most noticable features being added the last months:

When searching for a client, and the name does not exist.

  • A button now appears to allow you to create a client with that name.
  • Example: You click Clients, and search for the name ‘Harold’ and no ‘Harold’ is found.
  • A button appears below ‘+ Harold’
  • You click the button which takes you to the New Client page, where the name ‘Harold’ has been filled out.

Added A ‘virtual tour’

  • Added a ‘? Help’ button in the nav menu to demonstrate how the system works
  • This will likely evolve to be more useful

Confirmation when an email has been delivered

  • When an email has been successfully sent to a client, the repair will get a comment like ‘Email delivered’
  • Now you can be sure that the clients email address was not misspelled, and the email was delivered to his inbox

Telephones have the option to have different area codes

  • Eeach user can have 2 phones, with different area code ( different countries ) if needed.
  • If no telephone number is given, it uses the country the Shop is in

Optimize the use of the TAB key.

  • Users can now use the TAB key on the keyboard to jump faster between fields when inserting data in forms and searching for clients

The system is available in multiple languages

  • We are working on supporting more languages, for example (at the time of this writing):
  • 100% English
  • 100% French
  • 60% German
  • 80% Icelandic

Adding images to a repair

  • You can take a picture of every product you have and upload it to the cloud